Kimber Olson, LCSW, BCD

I have an intern working with me this spring through December.  Lynden Carola is a second year graduate student in the Master of Science Counseling Psychology program at Alaska Pacific University.  She will be helping me with follow up phone calls, scheduling and billing, and care coordination.  She will also be sitting in on and observing therapy sessions with clients who are open to this.  Please help me welcome her by saying hello when you see her in the lobby.  

New Groups About to Start:

Neuro-Integrative Parenting: A group for parents and caregivers of children with a history of trauma, attachment difficulties, and dissociative experiences.  The group will be based on training Kimber has obtained from Bruce Perry, Dan Siegel, Dan Hughes, Janina Fisher, Sanda Paulson, Joyanna Silberg, Francine Waters, Renee Marks, and others.  We will use the book, "Integrative Parenting" by Debra Wesselmann, Cathy Schweitzer, and Stefanie Armstrong for the first six weeks of class, and a variety of other resources the following six weeks.  Space is limited and nearly full.  Call Kimber for an intake screening.  $15 pp per session,

Neuro-Integrative Consultation for Therapists working with children who have a history of trauma, attachment difficulties and dissociation. The fourth Wednesday of the month starting Mary 28th.  9:30am-11am $30 per session.  We will use a number of DVD, book and article references to enhance learning, and will facilitate case consultation.

Neuro-Integrative Group therapy for children with trauma, attachment and dissociative histories.  Modeled after the work of Bruce Perry, Dan Seigel, Dan Hughes, Joyanna Silberg, Fran Waters, Renee Marks and others, we will meet twice weekly for 45 minutes to facilitate top down, down up, and right-left brain inttegeration using sensory based, play and art interventions, movement, and attachment exercises.  For more information call 868-3181.