"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places"  -  Earnest Hemingway 

2600 Denali, Suite 606 (the Short/South Denali Tower building between Northern Lights & Fireweed)

Kimber Olson is the co-author of The Thursday Group, a story and information for girls healing from sexual abuse, available from Neari Press and Amazon, and the author of the Pathway to Hope Video Guidebook, a companion resource for the Pathway to Hope: Healing Child Sexual Abuse video developed to help Native communities in Alaska understand and address the sexual abuse of children and to promote healing.  She co-authored, with Diane Payne and Jarad Parrish, the Pathway to Hope: An Indigenous Approach to Healing Child Sexual Abuse (International Circumpolar Health Journal, 2013).  Kimber is a faculty member of the Professional Training Program and also the Chair of the Alaska Regional Component Group for the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissocation.  ISST-D supports therapists working in the field of trauma and dissociation, and promotes higher learning and increased skill in these areas.  She has taught as an adjunct instructor in the social work and human services departments of the Kachemak Bay Branch of the Kenai Peninsula College in Homer, and has presented nationally and internationally, as well as throughout Alaska and in Indian Country on complex trauma, attachment, dissociation, eating disorders, ethics, compassion fatigue, and other topics. In her private therapy practice, Kimber specializes in working with individuals who have experienced attachment difficulties, complex developmental trauma, and dissociation.  She has training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, including the Early Trauma Protocol, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).  She uses bottom-up brain based exercies and stabalization and grounding teachniques with individuals to create a calmer brain with which to eventually be able to process trauma.  

Kimber is no longer seeing children under the age of 18, couples, or families.  After nearly 20 years of providing a broad range of therapeutic services to individuals of all ages, Kimber is focusing on her love of working with adults, particuarly those with a childhood history of abuse and neglect, with PTSD or dissociative symptomology.  

Kimber offers a Consultation group for therapist working with children who have experienced trauma, attachment difficulties and dissociation, as well as a Consultation group for therapists who work with adults who experience dissociative disorders.  She also offers a supervision group for newer therapists working toward lisencure, and a consultation group for senior/experienced clinicians in rural/bush areas via a HIPPA compliant skype-like service. If you are interested in any of these groups, or in joining the Alaska Regional Component Group of ISST-D, and you are a professional therapist, please feel free to contact Kimber.

Upcoming Trainings:  

Standard Part 2 - Anchorage, AK - Kimber Olson, LCSW, BCD - Starting May 2016 - Register Now!

Child and Adolescent- Anchorage, AK - Kimber Olson, LCSW, BCD - Starting June 2016 - Register Now!

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3 credits in Ethics and 2 substance abuse credits as well as a total of 14 credits are expected for the two day course on Dissociative Disorders that I will be presenting on two separate days, March 18 and April 15, 9am-5pm.  Please see the attached flyer or backchannel me at changingtidesalaska@gmail.com for more details.  
This will be a course that is appropriate for therapists who already have knowledge of complex trauma and are in the beginning and intermediate stages of their understanding of treating dissociative disorders including DID.  

Title of Course:


Day I: Integrative Treatment: Understanding the Connection between Complex Trauma, Dissociation and Substance Abuse 


Day 2: Traumatic Shame and the Therapist: Complex Ethics for Complex Clients


Date(s) and location(s):   March 18, 2016 and April 15, 2016; 2550 Denali Towers; 16 floor conference room

Cost: $150 per day or $250 for both days.



This two-day workshop will establish an overall framework for the gold standard in the phasic treatment of complex trauma that may be co-morbid with dissociative symptoms and the use of dissociative agents such as substance abuse. 


Day one will set the foundation for understanding complex trauma, dissociation and substance abuse, and how the three are correlated and compound one another exponentially.   A connection will be made with early childhood relationships, disrupted and disorganized attachment, and how these can literally set the stage for dissociative phenomenon.  Participants will be taught therapeutic interventions for all three phases of treatment, from safety and stabilization, through trauma resolution, working within the alter system of dissociative clients, and through habilitation, leaving with a basic understanding of the trauma treatment model and preparing them for further study in this area.


Day two will explore the complex ethics of working with complex trauma, including how the therapist reacts to clients with complex trauma histories, how enactments, re-enactments, transference and countertransference and projective identification play out in the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.  An emphasis on vicarious trauma prevention and treatment, and a deeper understanding of self care will be presented.  Participants will leave with the understanding that those professionals who have a high standard of connection to their theoretical model and also a high connection to their understanding of their own countertransference will fair the best when working with clients who have a complex trauma history.  Therapists will be taught specific techniques to improve self care, prevent vicarious trauma, and use countertransference to actually improve and more the therapy forward. 


Clinicians completing the two-day training will leave with an understanding of complex trauma and dissociative disorders, how they interact with and are correlated with substance use, and will will leave with an understanding of complex trauma and dissociative disorders, how they interact with and are correlated with substance use.  They will be able to use their own theory and sense of self to facilitate a reduction in difficult symptoms such as self-injury, trance states, dissociative switching, rage reactions and other acting out. Additionally, they will gain skills in the area of ethics as it applies to complex trauma, which is significantly different from the treatment of non-traumatized clients.  

Contact Kimber at changingtidesalaska@gmail.com or 903-7880 to register or for more information.

Participate in an ART Expression Experience just for Therapists working with Dissociative Clients!  Lani Kent will be in Alaska April 29-30.  See http://www.healingexpressionsbylani.com/ or see the registration link directly below:

April 29-30, 2016
"Tall Denali Towers Building"
16th Floor Conference Room
2550 Denali Street 
Anchorage, Alaska

Fri. (9:00 AM-4:00 PM)  Sat. (9:00 AM-3:00 PM)
Early Bird (Register by March 5, 2016): $145.00 
(Register after March 5, 2016): $155.00
Friday Only: $99.00
Saturday Only: $99.00


Early registration at this link is recommended as the workshop will be limited to 40 participants.